Dutch learning

Dutch learning is an innovative language school that focuses on offering Dutch language courses via Skype. This school provides a wide range of language courses not only in Dutch but also in English and Polish. Thanks to this versatility, students from diverse backgrounds and with different levels of language proficiency can benefit from a personalized learning experience that helps them efficiently improve their language skills.

Skype course Dutch language

Skype courses at the Dutch learning school are tailored to the specifics of different learning levels as well as professions, which is particularly valuable for those planning to work in the Netherlands or the Flemish region of Belgium. This allows learners to master the specialist vocabulary and phrases necessary in their profession, significantly facilitating workplace communication and increasing their competitiveness in the job market. Dutch in practice is therefore a comprehensive solution that prepares individuals for real linguistic challenges in both professional and private life.

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Skype Course Basics

The Skype Course Basics is a course where you will learn Dutch from scratch. The course includes learning basic elements of the Dutch language as well as learning simple dialogues to start communication. Together with the teacher, you will practice Dutch pronunciation and learn the necessary words to start constructing sentences.

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Grammar Course

The Dutch Grammar Course is a course where you will learn Dutch grammar of the present, future, and past tenses. Learning grammar at the school Learn Dutch every day involves a large number of dialogues that will help you master communication in Dutch as quickly as possible. Learning pronunciation and writing.

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Dutch language lecturer

Dutch language lecturer at the Foreign Language School Learn Dutch every day offers lessons at levels A1, A2, B1, B2, NT2-1, and NT2-2. Dutch language lessons can be supplemented with management language, logistics processes, technical processes at the process operator level, TD, and team leader.

Dutch Language Certificate

The Dutch Language Certificate at the school Dutch learning is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can learn this language, which is useful not only in everyday situations but also at work, where employers require employees to communicate in Dutch.

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Dutch Language learning certificate

Obtaining a language certificate at the Learn Dutch Every Day school after completing the course at level A1 is the first step towards fluently using the Dutch language. The Learn Dutch Every Day course begins with the basics, enabling students to acquire the necessary skills to communicate in the simplest everyday situations. The course material includes basic vocabulary, grammatical structures, and phrases used in typical dialogues, such as introductions or simple sentence constructions like „I need something” or „I like something.”